Boukary Ouedraogo
Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso, Health information systems director
Team member
Dr. Boukary Ouedraogo holds a PhD in Medicine and a MPH (health informatics and epidemiology track) from the Université d'Aix-Marseille. He is a permanent member of the experts commitee in e-Health at the Pierre Fabre Foundation. For several years, he has hold positions of responsibility both at the Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso (As Chief Medical Officer of the Health Centers of Samandin and Baskuy) and at an associative level (as Executive chief of the International Chamber of Doctors of Ouagadougou). He is the responsible of the education unit of medical computing at the University of Ouagadougou. and the promoter and coordinator of the Master of Public Health (Health informatics and data science track). Currently, he is the Health Information Systems Director of the Ministry of Health of Burkina Faso and coordinates the roll-out of informatic solutions applied to health.