Daleb Abdolaye Alfa
IRCB, Health Anthropologist
Team member
WP2 member
Daleb Abdoulaye Alfa holds a postgraduate degree in Anthropology of Health. He has conducted several anthropological research projects on vector control with the IRD and has worked with the Agency of Preventive Medicine (AMP) and WHO. He is a member of the West African Anthropology Network on Emerging Epidemics since 2015, and he has helped coordinate the project EBBEN "The epidemic of Ebola and Benin: social construction of rumours, discourse and practices related to Ebola virus disease and preventive measures". Currently, Daleb Abdoulaye Alfa is preparing a thesis in medical anthropology on the entangled logic of actors around the phase III trial of a new treated mosquito net (LN) at Tori-Bossito, in Benin. Daleb ALFA ABDOULAYE has contributed to many scientific papers and publications.