Jean Gaudart
IRD, Public Health Medical Doctor & Biostatistician
Team member
WP4 leader
As a Public Health Medical Doctor and Researcher in Biostatistics (PhD in Mathematics), he is developing research to assess the spatio-temporal dynamics of epidemics, and the roles of environmental factors, including population mobility. He leads the research team “Dynamics of Epidemics and Spatio-Temporal Statistics” aiming at analysing progression of epidemics and developing statistical and mathematical approaches to define target for control strategies. These research developments have been mainly applied to the geo-epidemiology of malaria transmission (Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso), to cholera outbreaks (Haiti, Comoros). Pr Jean Gaudart was actively involved in the analysis of the cholera outbreak in Haiti (2010), and in the national strategy which leads to cholera elimination in 2019. Pr Jean Gaudart is also the director of a master’s degree in public health, “Santé Publique Sociétés Développements”, with around 70 students per year.